Book Susanne as a Speaker

I would love to speak at your event or for your company, your school or your interest group!  I am in Australia, and am most happy to travel.

I am a coach and mentor, trainer and facilitator, author and outspoken commentator on a range of issues with my specialties being gender economics and the commercial benefits of diversity, as well as integrity and authenticity in management. My main interests are;

  • Harnessing the performance benefits of diversity in organisations;
  • Progressing understanding of Gender Economics – the influence of gender on economics and economics on gender;
  • Shining a light on the gender inequities of the capital systems underpinning our societies;
  • Equality for all people, gender equality and the promotion of positive behaviour in business.

I am the author of the Integrity Management Methodology and can speak on ideas that apply to business management, performance improvement and leadership in the area of business.

Please use the form below to register your interest in making a booking, or contact mer here.

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