GGEC19 Global Gender Economics Conference Challenging Economics, Society and Gender in sustainability, reporting and accounting 23 and 24 October 2019, RMIT Melbourne

Challenge the status quo. Challenge traditional thinking on contemporary issues. Challenge yourself to think outside the box and develop new solutions to old problems. Gender Economics forces us to view existing thinking on economic policy by examining it in conjunction with contemporary society, gender and culture.

Our second conference, the GGEC19 combines both Industry and Academic perspectives on #GenderEconomics with a focus on Resilience and Sustainability.

Not just a ‘talk fest’, the GGEC19 is a working conference, giving you an opportunity to engage in discussion of the themes. Backed by academic research (presented on Day 1), you will be challenged to think, discuss and develop solutions over the course of the two-day conference. You will leave with tools to challenge you to ‘put your hand up’ and facilitate change, with key solutions being further developed as policies or programs for the future.The #GGEC19 will look at the concept of quadruple bottom line reporting (economic, environment, social + gender). We will discuss issues like;

  • the relevancy of current business models given the many ‘new economies’ as a result of massive social change including, the rise of nationalism and anti-statism contrasted with the increased visibility and acceptance of gender identities that challenge traditional gendered norms

  • how contemporary policies are effected and impacted by gender and gender stereotypes and how economics itself can be a negative impact on progress

Gender Economics can be applied to all aspects of Policy, Economics, Environment, Innovation, Health and society. Gender Economics is NOT about women but about how we exploit people through their gender for profit. Gender Economics gives us the tools to analyse differently, uncovering the ways in which economic policy has been founded on the relationship between economics, policy and society.  Are you up for the challenge?


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