Become a Game Changer – attend THE GENDER ECONOMICS GLOBAL CONFERENCE 2014

REMINDER; 6 weeks to go!  JUNE 10 AND 11

Become a Game Changer – you are invited to attend THE GENDER ECONOMICS GLOBAL CONFERENCE 2014

Do you want to change the way we view gender, or have a closer look at the way economic policy is formed and how it impacts your life?  Ever thought about the value of Diversity and Gender Balance and not had a forum in which to discuss your opinions and work towards real solutions – want more than a talk fest?  Well the Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation (C4GEi) is pleased to present the inaugural Gender Economics Global Conference 2014 which brings together international speakers, leading academics as well as practitioners in the fields of Diversity, Economics, Sociology, Business Investment, Gender, Innovation and Leadership.

As a ‘Game Changer’, be prepared to discuss, debate and explore your own experiences in relation to the conference streams of Policy, Investment, Environment, and Innovation and Health.  This is the place where you can speak up and make a difference!

Book your seat NOW by going directly to the website at or register directly on Eventbrite by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Gender Economics is a new field of study that looks at the way that economic policy is formed and how this flows through to business and society.  By looking at things differently, I believe we will create sustainable and positive change.  The Conference is an opportunity to work together to uncover new discourses to existing issues, reframing the way we think about ourselves, our workplaces and society.

Your opinion does matter, and your participation in this conference will make a difference.  The Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation, Australia™ (C4GEi™) will combine the outcomes from the conference, and current research to develop positive and practical solutions for business and you can be part of the ground breaking and exciting field of Gender Economics and Diversity Economics!  The conference offers you the opportunity to see speakers in the Plenary sessions that align with your interests.  You can then find out the latest research to compliment these talks by attending one of the concurrent Academic Sessions.

Finally you can make a difference by participating in one or all of the Working Sessions.  These important sessions give you a chance to be a “Game Changer” and they will focus on;

  1. Wealth and Influence – Exploring your attitudes and approached to material wealth and how you can create the means to have greater influence
  2. Innovation – Where it comes from, why it is important as well as social and structural influences that assist or derail innovation
  3. Empowered Identity – How to empower your decisions, actions and outcomes by exploring assumptions and beliefs about gender roles that support or diminish your own sense of Identity and purpose

In the facilitated working sessions we will harvest people’s insights from what they have heard and the facilitators will use their expertise to help you to discover opportunities for you to break through outdated paradigms and claim your purpose to influence and change those around you.

Please be prepared to discuss, debate and explore your own experiences in relation to these topics

OUTPUTS from the Sessions;

  • The plenary closing session will provide a brief summary of themes arising from the Working Sessions
  • The plenary sessions and academic session talks will be further analysed and processed and feedback provided to participants, sponsors and facilitators.
  • This material will be further collated and integrated in the Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation with my existing research from the Diversity Program Review Framework (DPRF) that is currently being rolled out to the mining industry as the AWRA Recognised Program through AMMA
  • Finally Facilitator Reports, selected Academic Papers and presentations coupled with further research will culminate in the publication of a book on Gender Economics and rolled forward to the next conference planned for September 2015 in Detroit, USA.  You can be part of this journey!

Be part of leading-edge thinking and come to this game changing event!

We are really excited about the conference venue at the UNSW, in this fantastic new facility that enables and promotes collaboration, sponsored by the UNSW and catering sponsored by theNAB (National Australia Bank).  If you are already going to a Women’s Leadership or Empowerment event, that’s great!  You will already feel inspired, validated and moved by what you hear.  Take it a step further, and then come along to this event, to engage, get down to work and create some committed outcomes!  We are offering a platform for some really important work that will change the way the world thinks about Gender Economics and pave he way towards Wealth, Influence, Innovation and Personal Empowerment for anyone who wishes it, regardless of gender.


I am super pleased to announce that we will have a Youth Panel of Year 11 and 12 girls fromKincoppal Rose Bay School, Vaucluse and I will be working with teachers to blend the conference streams with their current study.  This will be a fantastic session where the girls will get to the opportunity to speak to an international audience on the Plenary stage.  We will get to hear the latest ideas from our youth – this is something to really look forward to.

The conference program, held over 2 days 10-11 June 2014,  comprises two full days of plenary sessions, panel discussions, plus a number of presentations selected from a call for papers process, as well as the Working sessions.

The conference format will be relaxed but retain a ‘working’ focus that encourages discussion and gives time for individuals to connect with others in a ‘trade delegation’ environment. We expect delegates from around the world to attend the conference and this will provide a good opportunity for cross cultural discussion and networking.

Thank you to Virgin Australia who are supporting the conference by offering discounts on Domestic Flights to and from Sydney.  Go to the website here for more information on how to book.

MY VISION for the Conference is that it is a place to get some work done that provides for practical and sustainable solutions to gender equity.

See you there!

Susanne Moore
Founder and CEO,
The Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation (C4GEi)
Sydney NSW Australia
+61 439 420 897

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

The University of New South Wales

High St


Sydney, New South Wales 2052


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