Gender Economics Global Conference Sydney Australia 10-12 June 2014

The inaugural global Gender Economics Conference 2014 will bring together international speakers, leading academics as well as practitioners in the fields of Diversity, Economics, Sociology, Business Investment, Innovation and Leadership. There is an increasing awareness that economists and sociologists should work together in order to advance current thinking and recognise the changing global climate and the increased advancement of women which negates traditional views of gender stereotyping in statistical analysis and policy formation.

Conference Objectives

  • To raise awareness of the emerging field of Gender Economics by linking current gender issues with academic and case study (field) research;
  • To challenge current economic theory, broadening the conversation to encompasses sociological complexities currently at play in society – ie: to deconstruct economic policy, reconstructing it in a manner that allows us to develop rational and objective tracks for further research;
  • To highlight concrete ways that diversity (Diversity Economics) can be a positive impact on economics, and to commence discussions on proactive solutions for measuring this impact;
  • To ensure that the discussion is gender neutral and provides open discourses for inclusion of all genders to further proactive and positive conversations about Gender Economics in the wider community

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