China’s one child policy major risk to economy

China‘s demographic has changed dramatically since it introduced its one child policy (the trend for sexual selection with many female children aborted in preference to male children) in 1976 in a bid to increase its chances of economic growth.

In 2004 this article from World News predicted that:

“In eight to 10 years, we will have something like 40 to 60 million missing women,” he said, adding that it will have “enormous implications” for China’s prostitution industry and human trafficking.”

The concern about human trafficking refers to the practice of men potentially trying to ‘buy’ a wife, and with competition so fierce women have become a valuable commodity, but not for the right reasons.  China is now realising that there are not enough women to sustain the nation heading into the future.  The lack of women as a result of China’s one child policy and parents preference for boy children now has serious impacts on a the ability to marry, with men already outnumbering women some say by as much as 35 million.

A significant issue that China’s child bearing capacity into the future will be severely limited and could lead to factory farms where women are inseminated as breeders instead of having the freedom to take part freely in the development of their the country.  It is also feared that low-income young men will turn to violence in a bid to secure a female.  Worse still is the potential for a grossly male dominated driven agenda that could further marginalise and limit gender balance from women.

The traditional feminised workforce  of carer’s and support workers, ( traditionally female) are now in short supply and the fear is that as China heads into the future this largely unpaid carer workforce will be much reduced putting further pressure on their economy.

The result is an impact on the economy based on earlier gender biased polices that highly valued one gender over the other and this has resulted in short-term gain with China’s economic boom, but there are serious problems in the future if the one child policies are not changed.


The Shanghaiist

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