Integrity Management Methodology for Outsourcing

Integrity Management™ Methodology

The methodology was written out of my own experience as a government employee when a large corporate outsourcer was engaged to provide outsourced services.    I experienced first hand the culture clash between government employees and the new corporate employee’s transitioning the new services.  Not only were the basic’s like wages and conditions different for employee’s but the buisness drivers between the outsourcer and the client, in this case a corporate and a government agency were so different.

Susanne Moore wrote the Integrity Management™ methodology in 1997. It was written as a response to the consistent problems experienced by clients when they outsourced a part of their business or merged with another entity.

I have developed models for mapping maturity of integrity within organizations and have applied this to develop a maturity outsourcing/business partnership model. This allows us to quickly identify cultural gaps within different areas of an organization or between an organisation and prospective business partners which could cause future dysfunctional behaviour or conflict in operational relationships.

In its early days, Integrity Management™ looked at matching the two organisations to enable business transformation through Outsourcing services. This was not just a surface level look at the two organisations, but also a look vertically and horizontally across both organisations to ensure a match of values, strategic direction, ethics, business practice and community participation.

Later on during the implementation of the methodology in my own company, we recognized that these underlying principles can be used in a broader, all of business context, to deliver sustainable improved business outcomes.

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