The Integrity Management Methodology™

The Integrity Management Methodology is a holistic methodology, which when implemented enable’s organisations to deliver effectively what they say they will deliver and to improve business performance and true value client delivery.  When I first wrote this Methodology in 1997 the definition was centred around outsourced or project environments, hence the original definition was;

“to promote integrity and synergy between the client and their partner.  Integrity Management
refers to the ability of management to act persistently in the interests of the stake holders of the entity, irrespective of the other, putting aside their own interests.  Integrity Management refers to the process of promoting integrity throughout an organisation or project by empowering the people within the organisation thereby forcing integrity in contractor organisations.  That is: instead of the contractor organisation bringing their mode of doing business to the client organisation – Integrity Management matches the client culture to that of it partners.  Enabling the client organisation to manage itself and the contractor organisation, through consistency of management, the skilling of individuals and inspiring mentoring programs, promoting integrity and synergy between partners”

Since writing the methodology in 1997, it has expanded to over the years become a handbook for managing an organisation and was used in my own company as the guiding principal for both the management of the company and the way that we interacted with our clients.  Since closing my company in early 2010 I have started to put the methodology into a more useable framework and will use this blog site to discuss integrity management issues and solutions.

Susanne Moore

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