What is Gender Economics


“GENDER ECONOMICS – The influence of gender on economics, AND the influence of economics on gender.”                                              (Susanne Moore 2012)

Gender Economics is an emerging field of study that builds on the theories of diversity and promotes the value of gender balance, particularly in the area of innovation and creativity. It looks at how gender influences economics and economic decisions and how those decisions impact gender.  Gender Economics is gender neutral and encompasses male, female, and other gendered identities.

Gender Economics describes the economic impact of systems, processes and frameworks which are founded on gender inequities.

GendGender economics wheelser Economics is a new way of thinking about maximising the potential of an organisation; it is based in gender and cultural values.

Gender Economics is a fusion of sociology, gender studies and economic disciplines.

Gender Economics looks at the way gender influences economics, and the way economic decisions influence gender.

Gender Economics is gender neutral and encompasses male, female, and other gendered identities.

Gender Economics recognises the ‘direct input’ of women to the economy by extending the theory that the discipline of economics “could be improved by freeing itself from masculine biases” (Ferber, Nelson 1993: 24).

By utilising a greater gender balance in decision making and policy planning we can tap into a wider sphere of thinking to create the ‘Next Generation of Economic Transformation’.

“It’s about dissecting and creating a new discourse around economic theory that fuses Economics, Gender and Sociology.”                  (Susanne Moore 2013)


For more information please contact Susanne at Susanne.moore@gendereconomics.org or call +61 (0)439 420 897

OR use the contact form.

Definitions Susanne Moore (2012)


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